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CORKER is an Australian magazine for lovers of pop-culture and everything that influences it (yes, this means we dabble in politics and current affairs, but no, it’s actually stuff you’ll be interested in). We create a new magazine every two months, which you can grab on the iTunes store from July 2, but only five times a year, because we get too drunk and rowdy to be creating new content during summer.

CORKER  magazine is about spreading new ideas and supporting Australian creatives. If your ears are sensitive to profanities and your eyes burn at the sight of naked flesh, you might be offended by some of the content in the magazine. CORKER is for those who want to be inspired, challenged, and informed … in an irreverent, high quality magazine that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

CORKER is not a traditional media company; it’s a social enterprise that gives back to the creative community. For more on what that impressive-sounding jargon means, head on over to the giving back section of our website.

And the CORKER website? Well, it’s a place where we collate our random thoughts and keep in touch with you, dear readers. All the content on the website is much tamer than the digital magazine, and it’s all original content, except for the occasional sneaky peak that we’ll give you of an issue.

If you have any questions, feedback, ramblings, please send them to letters [at] corkermag [dot] com.