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Corker Magazine Issue 2: Winter 2008 (PRINT EDITION)

Image of Corker Magazine Issue 2: Winter 2008 (PRINT EDITION)


Here is a wrap up of what you’ll find in the second edition. This is Aussie culture at its drunken honest.

KEVIN RUDD: masked hero or SUPER DUD? // Photographer Dean Sewell captures the demise of an urban Indigenous Australian community in Redfern // CUT COPY are back to show the wannabes how indie electro is done // MOOCH, FUCK and do DRUGS // Playwright Tommy Murphy explores whether we have become a generation of GUILTLESS PARTY ANIMALS in his play Saturn’s Return // Hollywood turns to the BEST INDIE DIRECTORS to give credibility to movies about grown ups prancing around in spandex // DESIGNER PUBES // Sex Dolls // SUSTAINABLE TRAVEL Guide // An ICE USER and two nurses talk about their experience with the drug.

54-page print edition
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